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Top Wire News Guidelines, Terms, and Conditions

Users of Top Wire News must accept the terms and conditions outlined. These are in effect once a user enters our site. These terms, conditions, or guidelines may be subject to change without notice at any time.


Services provided by Top Wire News include the distribution and search of news items. Although Top Wire News makes attempts to ensure that content displayed within our site does not defame, discriminate against, or violate standards of law, Top Wire News, nor parties affiliated with the site, is not liable for actions that may result from viewing or releasing news items, or other services provided, including delays of content delivery, third party inaccuracies, third party, copyright violations, or other issues. Use of Top Wire News services requires Internet use.

Agreement of Use

By using Top Wire News services, you agree not to duplicate, sell, copy, or any other action that may constitute copyright infringement or violate the law regarding information obtained from our site, or its affiliates, unless provided direct permission from Top Wire News team members or affiliates with authority to grant permission. You also agree not to use unauthorized methods to obtain information on Top Wire News tracking systems or other technologies utilized to provide services, and use them for unauthorized purposes.

You understand that content showcased on the Top Wire News site and related publicity, graphics, messages, video, and other items are the responsibility of the authors of the materials and not that of Top Wire News. Top Wire News is under no obligation to screen content and weed out that which may be controversial, inaccurate, low-grade, offensive, or otherwise. Users assume any risks related to issues that may arise from reviewing content contained therein and utilizing the Top Wire News site. Top Wire News has the right to refuse or delete content at their discretion.

Other Terms

Top Wire News is under no obligation to ensure that user needs, demands, or expectations are met, and that information provided is free of errors, or that problems relate to accessing or using the site will be resolved in a timely manner or at all. Top Wire News is not responsible for damages resulting from downloading content, video, images, or other materials from our website or sites affiliated with Top Wire News.

Failure on the part of Top Wire News to take action against users or anyone who violates the outlined terms, conditions, or guidelines does not negate our right to take necessary action against others who may violate these terms, conditions, or guidelines later on or under comparable circumstances.